Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I saw someone die today...

I don't know his name. He was an complete stranger.
He was old and he played badminton right after my badminton class was over.
He was a senior. I've seen him, smiling and saying "hello" but when he collapsed in the middle of the game he was playing with some friends it was like a strange wave of fear and sadness took over me.
I couldn't do anything else than watch his friends and fellow badminton players try to save his life by CPR.
Everything went dead silent.
No one talked.
Everyone looked worried.
The people trying to save him continued in high speed.
You could see that they wouldn't give up on their friend that easily.
I don't know if he survived when the ambulance came and what happened after that.
Hopefully I'll know by Thursday.
If he DID die, then for the first time in my life I've seen a person die. When I sat in the back seat of the car on my way home I fought the tears that lurked inside me. When mom got out to pick up my little sister from our aunt's house I couldn't fight it anymore. I began to cry and the tears fell one by one down my cheek.
Today I cried for an stranger. Today I saw a man die...
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  1. I also began to cry, that was so sad, write things like this! this is the important things to write about, how peopel are able to feel something so strong for someone they don't even know. I am so proud of you<3

  2. I'd be really scared and upset if i saw that happen. It's an intense thing to experience. That's so sad :( I hope he lived

  3. He did. He survived and I was SO relived when I found out that he was in the hospital. I guess the title of this blog post should be : I saw a man almost die. It was so scary, when you stand thee looking at people running everywhere around with a phone in their hands and someone actually doing CPR..

  4. don't think he died. sounds like heat exhaustion or something. This is over the top.