Friday, March 23, 2012

The Famous Hunger Games

The Famous Hunger Games
Today I watched The Hunger Games with my best friend Ania.
Now, that's all about me but let's talk about the movie. As you know the world has been buzzing about this movie and I for once could not wait to see if it was as good as everyone claimed it would be. Let's see my review, shall we?

The Hunger Games

The story is good. It's strong, kind of like Katniss. It survives! The movie however. Please do note that I have not read the books yet. Simply because they haven't arrived from
As all movies this one too had it's ups and downs. 

The Effects:
I loved them! I LOVED how they used the weapons, the explosion and especially the music. Really great instrumental music playing in the background and setting the mood. The training sessions was of all the movie by far the best scene! Truly. Amazing. The quality of the film was annoying. Some places it was perfect while other where so.... dusty! Also there was this ONE effect I wasn't fond of... when they were set on fire. The flames looked fake. I don't like things that look fake. The makeup she had at the end, the butterfly eye shadow was incredible! I want that too!

The Characters:
Haymitch, Haymitch, Haymitch. WHAT A DUDE! Seriously, he was awesome! As mentioned I have not read the books yet but he was amazing. whether it was his character or him as an actor this guy got serious talent! He's one of my most favorite characters in this movie.

Gale was put aside. Yes, Yes, I know it was about the games and everything but couldn't they have done something more with Gale? All we got was two scenes and both quite short. We didn't get anything more than that they might have a thing going on. Gale might as well not have been in the movie. Instead of watching the long clips of the line for The Hunger Games children they could have made a greater deal out of Gale. Right now I don't know if I like him or not. 

Cinna, was I the only one to notice the sexual tension between Katniss and Cinna? God, there was so much of it that it drove me crazy. A part of me was waiting for the two of them to make out. No joke! Other than the sexual tension he was great! Also one of my favorite characters. 

Peeta, what to say about you? I'm not sure how I feel about Peeta. His character was a little bit....I don't know. I didn't quite hate him but I didn't love him either. I guess I've read too many Peeta jokes to even take him seriously. Which reminds me that most of the jokes were about Josh/Peeta always talking about the Cave Scene. Oh My God! How much I've craved to see what this famous and big deal this cave scene has to this story. When I sat there with my best friend I kept asking her when it would pop up and she told me to wait. When they first found the cave and it was like this small scene I looked at here giving here the "That's it?" look. Luckily she shook her head. When the REAL Cave Scene came and the dialogue between Katniss and Peeta started I suddenly began to laugh. By laughing I mean so much that no noise would come out and I sat there shaking so much and tears filling my eyes. I haven't laughed that much in a loooooong time.
Why I laughed, you ask? 
Simple. Because the dialogue they had was completely out of the context. It felt like they had changed the movie or something. And maybe I laughed a tiny bit because of all the Cave Scene jokes I remembered that I'd read. 

Rue was the most alive character. Alive as in showing the emotions correctly and you know, being alive. She obviously was the youngest one and reminded Katniss of her little sister Primrose. Oh, and that's the other thing. I don't like Primrose. Don't ask why, because I don't got a good reason but it's just a feeling. Rue on the other hand was more like Katniss's little sister. Obviously that is probably what the author created her for. When she died I didn't get very emotional. That's kind of the funny part. Yes, the actors showed emotions but either those emotions wasn't good enough or my emotions where on a break. Because I cry easily. I cry for everything. I'm not even joking. A small scene and you'll see me wiping away the tears in a hurry.

Finally, Cato and his gang. Cato was asdfghjkl material! Ania and I held each other so strongly whenever he showed up and my heart just kept skipping some beats. His attitude and the way he was. I ADORE HIM! Of course killing people is bad, unless you're in The Hunger Games but the way he did it. He got style. 
His gang on the other hand. Weeeeeeeell, they were great too but he did stand out! Maybe a tiiiiiiny bit arrogant but come on guys, he got the FACE! 

The Girl On Fire and overall.
Katniss was great and Jennifer Lawrence was flawless. She played well and her emotions and the way she were was amazing. Overall I think the movie was great! although I have this slight issue with the handheld camera where there should NOT be a handheld camera. Also I was expecting more blood! The fact that they had looong endless clips about the crowds and all of that I really got mad when I found out that the people that got killed first couldn't be filmed properly with actually showing that they was getting killed. 

I'm definitely looking forward to reading the books! No matter how the movie is the books always have that little extra. Also maybe I'll get to know these characters better. Arg! It annoys me so much that Gale was put aside when he obviously had a big part in Katniss's life. 


Comment bellow if you want to share how you felt about the movie! 

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Been on a loooooong break.

Yes, as many of you have noticed, I've not blogged for a pretty long time and it might have something to do with nothing to blog about, I've taken a book break as well. It has actually improved my grades in school but sooooon my books ♥ we'll be together again. And naturally I'll blog about them.
My best friend bought The Hunger Games Thrilogy, Speak and Thirteen Reasons Why. I can't wait to read them! Unfortunately they got lost somewhere in this world, you She did re-order it, and paid the double now that she had to pay again. Just hope THIS time it will arrive. Norway is on the top of the world. just bring me my books. ♥

Stay Tuned