Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music - New Bands :D

Hey Guys!

Aaaaah! IT'S SNOWING!!!! BRRRR.....
What to do, what to do..... MUSIC!

(Random picture from google.)

As you can see I've been searching for new bands and new music that is similar to my favorite bands, Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback. I'll post one song of each on my blog posts. :)

So lately I've posted many music blog posts and I think that's because I'm in the mood :)
And as I've mentioned earlier, Music is my main inspiration source! Without music there wouldn't have been any book projects for me. I'll be posting different kind of music, not only one genre but many others too.

Adelitas Way
I just discovered them and I already love them! Their music is kind of like Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback. Absoultely worth a try. :)
Hate Love

Closer to you

What can I say? hahaha, I obviously like this band too.


Burn Season
All the new bands are kind of similar. Some song are 'slower' than others. Give them all a try, who knows maybe you'll like them :)

Save me

Did you like them? or just, maybe a little..?
Just go to Youtube and try other song by the bands :)

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-Hina :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hey Guys!

Yesterday was the best day since.... well since I can remember! ^^
I got 14 followers and I believe that the new ones are alive! Hurraaaay!

Yesterday was a good day! A day when you just felt like smiling, without any reason at all!
I can feel that the inspiration is on top and I'm probably going to write some more in Unbreakable.
So far, I've figured out how Alyssa is, her personality and her way of talking and thinking. Carter on the other hand, I haven't figured out anything about him yet. All I know is that he is the one that captures Alyssa.
Why can't he just work with me? Hahaha! ^^

So, I also have a decided to put a music video in each of the blog posts so I can keep it mixed with the book, movie, music theme of the blog :) But, what do you think the blog needs more of?
Look what I discovered!!! In this Music video by Hinder, KELLAN LUTZ!

Without You - Hinder

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-Hina :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey Guys.

As I've seen, apperantly non of my followers are alive... what a shame.

Today I thought I could write about
First of all, what a wonderful website! Two years ago I didn't even know about it. I was just beginning on the dream to become an author. I wanted praise and crituqe by the readers. I wanted help with what I could do better and how to do it. Then came across. I asked to be a member and were allowed. Still I missed the teens. Those teens who the book is written for. Suddenly one day I got a message from one of he memebers in Authonomy, which by the way is like inkpop. He told me that my book was great and why I was sitting on authonomy and not on inkpop.

I was surprised when he said inkpop. What the hell is inkpop? I thought as I asked him in a more polite tone. Then he told me that it was like Authonomy only for teens and a place for teens to get their work out there and connect with others like themself. Facinated I checked it out. The first thing that hit me was the colors. they were absoultly eye catching. So I signed in, I took a look around and got a few friends.

Now what?
I've made some friends, checked out others work and commented. What else to do?
To publish a part of your own book smartass!
The truth.... I haven't done it yet. I'm always talking about that: "Oh soon I'm gonna put my book on inkpop." Do I do it?
No, I don't. I'm simply afraid of getting bad critique. Of course I do handle it. And I WILL put it on inkpop. First I'm going to edit it! Really well! A hundred times before I even will think of sharing it to the english speaking people out there in this major world!

INKPOP is a place you as a writer will enjoy!
People are supportive and give you good feedback.
They help you with something you might miss or could do better.

Future writer? VISIT INKPOP!
Read others work or write your own. =)

-Hina :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hey Guys!

Is it just me who saw it or do I suddenly have 11 followers?
The biggest question of all.... are they even alive?

First of all I just want to know that you guys are alive. I mean, sure you're following me but I like two-ways-communication. I need to 'hear' (or in this case read) what you think or if this blog need something more.
I can't read minds like Edward Cullen you know... :P

Okay, so it's been a while since I wrote about music I thought that I would post some videos from youtube bellow the song so that you can listen to them :)

Duet between Christina Grimmie and Sam Tsui on "Just A Dream" originally by Nelly

Unbreakable by Fireflight

Addicted by Saving Abel

Vegas Skies by The Cab

Burn the night away by There for tomorrow


Lips of an Angel by Hinder

Lost in the Sun by Hinder

Smile by Uncle Kracker

Please don't go by Mike Posner

Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield

So? What do you think about them? Something you like? :)
Share your thoughts :)

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-Hina :D

Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 Followers & A new book project :D

Hey Guys! :)

I just logged on today and then I saw that I have 10 followers! Yay!
So, what have I been up to lately? Well, I can reveal that I have a new book prosject going on! :D I just started yesterday. I listened to a song that inspired me so much that I thought... WOW! I have to write a the story that popped up in my head at once when I listened to it.

My new book project is named UNBREAKABLE
I named it Unbreakable because of the strong female character that is one of the main characters in it.
Her name is Alyssa and she's a witch. Her personalty is quite right-to-the-point.
Carter is a wannabe bad ass boy. he captures Alyssa and hold her as a hostage, she prefer prisoner.
I am super exited for how this project is going to end and i've also decided that it's just one book, not a series. GO INSPIRATION! :D

Does it sound good to you?
Comment bellow :)

-Hina :D

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nothing Left Unsaid :)

 Hey Guys!
I found this video yesterday at Youtube :)
It made me think a lot about what I should do with my life and school and friends. This video was made by Kurt Hugo Schneider After my opinion it is the best short movie I might have seen.
Practically it's about what to do before college ends and you graduate. And since what I'm going on now, I don't know if you call it College or High School (11th grade?) I know that I only have two years left with my best friend and my other friends before we all go seperate ways in our career choices.

Every time I think about it I automatically become sad. My Best Friend is going to Oslo or something to the university there and study to become an lawyer. As for me I'm going to study hopefully in England or something. What do you want to be? Ahahaha! I've no idea! Something CREATIVE! I'll always have writing (Author) but then again, I don't want to push myself to write when I simply can't. So, I hope I'll study something inside Media and Communication, and then Author and writing will be like a second job. ^^

Comment Bellow if you have something to share :)

-Hina :D

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey Guys! :)

So as you might have guessed I've been pretty busy lately. Sorry for not have blogged!

I've finished Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and I got to say that I LOVE IT! It's a book you shouldn't miss in your wish list or reading list. It was absolutely amazing! As promised a book reveiw will be posted as soooon as I have enough time to breathe and write! Hahaha.

Yup, I know what you might be thinking. Why choose one?
That's pretty easy to think sometimes but for me, if I have to choose one thing I would have chosen books! I don't know when but one day I fell for books. I fell in love with books. They helped me with learning english and to show me a differerent way of reading. The books I'd read showed me a completely different side. They took me along to a world where everything got exited. Where werewolfs, demons, vampires, and witches existed. I could go for days after reading a book, wondering of how wonderful it was in it. How you almost became friends with the characters inside it. Knowing what they thought and how they felt.

It's my background on my computer =D
I made it with Picasa 3.

What do you choose, PC or Books? And why?
Comment bellow :)

-Hina :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally a break from Reality! =)

Hey Guys! :)

I'm so sorry I haven't had the time to blog in a while and with good reason. My reality has been and is still stressing! School and friends are more annoying than ever. Problems, Problems, Problems!
But yet again I'm finally done! There is no school tomorrow which means.....

Two things that makes me happy:
I will only focus on writing more in The Taste of Death and reading Bitten by Kelley Armstrong! :D
Jeez, and I thought my book was complicated! Well certainly nothing can be more complicated than real life.

Bitten is.... AWESOME! I've only read half of it but it certainly is amazing. Of course a book reveiw will be put up to give you some clues of how good it is and such. :)

Have you read it? What do you think about it?
Comment bellow :)

Hina :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey Guys!
I'm hooked to this music video! It's awesome and mysterious. Besides Kevin Zegers is in it <3
I would normally not like Miley Cyrus in it but she did a pretty amazing job! :D

I absoultley LOVE this music video! :D

Have some tips on amazing music videos?
Comment bellow! :)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder

Hey Guys! :)

After a successful Halloween with my best friend a book reveiw of Maria V. Snyders last book in the Yelena Zaltana series would be perfect.

Fire Study


When word that Yelena is a Soulfinder - able to capture and release souls - spreads
like wildfire, people grow uneasy. Already Yelena's unusual abilities and past have
set her apart. As the Council debates Yelena's fate, she receives a
disturbing message: a plot is rising against her homeland, led by a murderous
sorcerer she ha defeated before.

Honour sets Yelena on a path that will test the limits of her skills,
and the hope of reuniting with her beloved spurs her onward.
Her journey is fraught with allies and enemies.
Yelena will have but one chanse to prove herself - and save the land she holds dear.

Yelena must train on her magic. She decides to put that on hold. There are more important thing to do. Cahil and Ferde has escaped from the Keep. If she doesn't do anything quick it might as well be to late.
Yelena likes to jump into any situation and then think of what to do. It has worked before then why wouldn't it now? :)
She constantly discovers her powers and how to use them. She hasn't seen Valek since forever and she longs to be with him, in his arms. They get brought together as Cahil (The wannabe king of Ixia) declares war against Ixia. Again Yelena must use her undiscovered powers to save Valek, Ixia, Sitia and herself.
Will she manage the task as the Soulfinder or is she the wrong girl?

The cover was nice, Although on this cover there was a 'different' girl.
RATE: 7/10

The plot was exiting! It was thrilling to see how eveything turned out and how Maria V. Snyder manages to put the different characters into the story. It was really nice. But somehow I felt there was some scenes that were there to 'fill' the book. I don't remember quite what kind of but there was some moments when you could manage to put the book down. Of course I'm not insulting her book! I Love Maria V. Snyder's books and her writing style. It is amazing and it doesn't get boring as some books might get.
RATE: 8/10

Once again we meet our dear characters again for the final battle. Again, Janco and Ari are the best, next to Valek, Leif and Yelena. Moon man is also quite funny in Fire Study.
He's her Story Weaver. He has the answers to her problem, her future and her past.
I'm really going to miss these characters! They have such awesome personalites and their way of talking. They are truly unique!
RATE: 10/10

Favorite Line:
Janco about Yelena's dull fighting style:
"I like her new style." Janco piped in. "It's good for my ego."

Favorite Scene(s):
Believe it or not but I actually liked the scene when Valek gave Yelena a "cold shoulder". I think it might be because I, myself was shocked over his reaction! That's when I think a book is good. when you're favorite character does something unexpected! That's how it should be! SURPRISING!
And the last scene in the book! I won't reveil it! ^^
RATE: 10/10

Overall I think that this book was a worthy ending of the story of Yelena Zaltana! It had more action and I really enjoyed it! I don't know what more to say... IT WAS AWESOME!
RATE: 9/10

Absoulutley! This is a incredible book and Maria V. Snyder is an amazing author! :D
RATE: 9/10

Comment bellow if you have something to say about it ;)

-Hina :D