Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween tomorrow! :D

Hey Guys! :)

Tomorrow is Halloween. I'm so exited :D This Halloween I'll be with my Best Friend eating pizza, candy, popcorn! ^^
We're going to watch Underworld, Underworld Evolution and maybe The Covenant if we got time!

I'm pretty sure this Halloween is going to be awesome! =D

There is something special with best friends! They are the people you can trust and tell everything to! They can be like sisters but more special. They know everything about you and you know everything about her/him/them. There is not one day that goes by without talking to my best friend. I tell EVERYTHING to her. She was the one that I told about my book to. She is the one giving me a hell lot of support!
She is absoulutley the BEST! <3

What will you be doing for Halloween? :)
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-Hina :D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Warning- Imagination running wild so get out of the way!

Hey Guys! :D

Yesterday I got this wild random boost of imagination. I was supposed to read for my test on school tomorrow when I read the two first pages I switched over to Fire Study, finished up reading a chapter and then continuing on to studying more and jumping back and forth for a while. It felt like a lightning had hit me.
My head began playing every single scene and dialouges for "The Fallen" the sequel to "The Taste of Death" =D

Where is the imagination recorder when we desperatly need for one?
Ahh.... How wonderful wouldn't the world be if you could just record those moments when you get new ideas on books and stories? Much easier then going around remembering everything.
Back to writing! =)

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PS: Please in ENGLISH! Don't ask about something that's not mentioned in the blog post!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Taste of Death :D

Hey guys! :)
Today I thought that I've written about a lot! My Inspirations, Music, Movies, Valek<3, Halloween, Autumn, Book reveiws, one Movie reveiw, and a Welcome post ... What is missing?
Then the famous idea lamp glowed up. You should tell them about your book! Hmm....  Should I?

Cover :)

I have written this book since Summer 2009. That year I remember how angry I was! I'd found out that I wasn't going to Pakistan on my summer holiday. And my teacher refused to give me a B in English.... I'm living in Norway so English is my 2nd / 3rd language. That's when I decided to prove him wrong! And I did ^^ without telling anyone about my book. It's still a well kept secret as long as those in my town don't know about it. :P

People in Norway is actually annoying me... Yup, how is that possible?
Well first of all almost and notice the word almost no one like English... and they think of writing as having no life, same with reading. Do you get how annoying it can be? When no one can understand why you're writing a book or spending your free time reading? For me that is the best thing that can happen! <3

Back to the book! :)

The Taste of Death

The Taste of Death is in many genres. It's a mix of Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Action, (Horror?)

The main characters are Lauren and Liam. They are two best friends and have been since Lauren moved to Santa Barbara, California in fifth grade.
Her arch enemy, Jenny has everything but yet she want one thing she can't have..., Liam.
Liam is this happy, good looking, funny and awesome guy.
When something happens he fights! not with words but with his fists. He has to protect Lauren for what she doesn't know anything about....., yet.
Lauren is the regular average teenager. She is kind, thoughtful and after her own opinion, boring.
She craves to be more known. She has something inside her growing and before she knows it, her life is turned upside down. Suddenly everyone is after something she has. but the problem is that she doesn't know what.

This is how I can see the characters for me :)
One problem! They don't match exactly!
The pictures below are kind of going to "describe" them
but yet they don't look
exact like those bellow ;)

(Indiana Evans)

(Marie Avgeropoulos)

(Gaspard Ulliel) BTW: Liam is blond ;)

(Kevin Zegers) Maybe ;)

(Alex Pettyfer)<3

I hope you liked the short description ;)

Any questions about the book?
Comment bellow and I'll answer ;)

-Hina :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie - A Walk To Remember

Hey Guys! :)
Today I watched a movie named : A Walk To Remember.
I'm sure many of you have heard of it and since I just watched it I thought why not write a movie reveiw on the blog? :)
A Walk To Remember

In Beaufort, North Carolina, a prank on a student goes terribly wrong and puts the student in the hospital. Landon Carter, a popular student with no defined plans for the future, is held responsible and forced to participate in after-school community service activities as punishment, which include starring as the lead in the school play. Also participating in these activities is Jamie Sullivan, the reverend's daughter who has great ambitions and nothing in common with Landon.

When Landon decides he wants to take his activities seriously, he asks Jamie for help and begins to spend most of his time with her. But he starts to develop strong feelings for her, something he did not expect to do. The two start a relationship, much to the chagrin of Landon's old popular friends and Jamie's strict reverend father. But when a heart-breaking secret becomes known that puts their relationship to the test, it is then that Landon and Jamie realize the true meaning of love and fate.

( Written by Anonymous )

This movie makes you want to cry. Not fell a tear or two but really begin to cry as if something happened to you and not because of this movie. It was an amazing movie. It makes you think of how to spend your life and be the best that you can be. You should be more open to other kind of people and not just stick to one type. See the things that are around you, believe in things that other may think is nonsense.

The story made me label it as "Reality"
Believe it or not but there are over 7 BILLION PEOPLE in this world!
Somewhere there might be a girl like Jamie and a boy like Landon who falls in love with each other. There are actually people who love each other as Landon and Jamie. You just need to sit and think about it.
This movie might be fiction but think harder! Again, 7 BILLION PEOPLE!
 What are the odds of not finding a couple like Jamie and Landon?

I loved this movie. It shows both parts of being popular and being the less popular. It kind of shows what can happen if you try to get to know a person. You should be more open and considerating. Don't miss out on life because your friends might be doing the same thing over and over. We should all dare to be different. Being ourself without thinking of what other people might think.

Take a good look around you and take time to enjoy your life! Because you only live once :D

Ahaha, I got completely out of the movie, I mean I'm still talking about the topics in it but this movie made me think a lot about everything.

The cover is so cute! And it fits perfect into the story <3
RATE: 10/10

The story was awesome. It had those little moments that can mean so much. <3 Her secret and how everything became after Landon knew it was amazing. His desires to fufill her wishes was incredibale and how they spent their time together. The story was great! When it starts, it shows the difference between them. How they are and how they act, living their lives. Really nice story! <3
RATE: 10/10

I loved Jamie and Landon!
Jamie was independent! She stood up for what she believed and wore whatever she wanted too! Although it just was one sweater and looong dresses. And the fact that she didn't care about what Landon's friends said about her... She was BRAVE! :)

Landon was awesome. I mean, he was that tough guy and to see how much he began caring for Jamie was incredible! His clothes were nice and when you saw through his attitude you could see a decent person trying to make an effort! :)

RATE: 10/10

Favorite Line(s):
Dean: If there is a greater power, why is it he can't get you a new sweater?
Jamie: Because, he's too busy looking for your brain.

Landon: I might kiss you.
Jamie: I might be bad at it.
Landon: That's not possible.

Landon: What are you doing here?
Jamie: I could ask you the same question.

Landon: Do you normally walk alone in cemeteries at night?
Jamie: Maybe.

Jamie: So, would it kill you to try?
Landon: Yup, and I'm too young to die.

Ms. Garber: Mr. Carter, are you trying to be bad at this?
Landon: Nah, it just comes

Favorite Scene(s):
The Butterfly Tattoo <3

RATE: 10/10

This Movie was so CUTE! <3
It had the most cutest scenes and the funniest lines and...<3
It made me wonder that if the movie is so good, then the Book must be AWESOME! So, Guess who's going to read the book? =)
Me! <3

Absolutely! I will recomend this movie for everyone. It's quite emotional and it makes you think! <3
RATE: 10/10

What do you think?
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-Hina :D

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Movies - A Massive Inspiration Source! :D

Hey Guys! :)

I bet you see movies at least two days a week. I think the main reasons for why we love watching movies are that we can actually see the characters and how they fight or use whatever they may use as a weapon or a certain ability they have. It somehow get's better when we can see how they fight.
Some Examples:


Although people with imagination can even see the fight reading a book. Yes, those things happens only if the author has described it well! :) It's important to describe the place, the "smells", the facial expressions and of course how they are fighting. Don't forget the dialogue! My favorite type dialogue is where the fighters use sarcasm and teasing. I think those are awesome!

That's were movies can be a awesome guide! If you've seen it, you can describe it better!
When you see a fighting scene and want to tell it to your friend later about it you have to decribe it. The same thing with writing. Have you seen a awesome movie and want a similar fighting scene in your book you need to describe it life-like! ^^

Comment bellow if you feel to share your thoughts! :D


Friday, October 22, 2010

Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

Hey Guys!
So here it is, the second book reveiw for the second book in Maria V. Snyder's Study series.

Magic Study

A lesson in loyalty -- a master class in intrigue.

So far, I've managed to survive. You would think after being kidnapped as a child,
imprisoned in my teens and released to become a poison taster, I would have endured enough.
But no. The discovery of my magical abilities--powers forbidden in Ixia--has resulted in an
execution order. My only chance is to flee to Sitia, my long-lost birthplace.

But Sitia is unfamiliar. I'm treated like an enemy-- even by my own brother.
Plus I can't control my powers. I want to learn about my magic, but there isn't time.
A rogue magician has emerged and I'm targeted as his next victim.
(He has already killed eleven girls. One of the victims escaped, and my attempts to help her have alarmed the master magicians; they think I am a 'soulfinder' and now people don't trust me. Valek is in danger if he comes, and the Ixian delegation is arriving.
But I hoping my untested magical abilities will help me survive. No matter how bad things get, I just can’t give up, and there is always, always hope that tomorrow will be better)

Will my magic abilities save me... or be my downfall? 

Yelena has now told the commander of Ixia about her magic abilities. By the Ixian law, all magician in Ixia should be executed. Yelena is allowed to leave with Master Magician Irys Jewelrose. Her relationship with Valek has changed and she's no longer a student of his or a prisoner in his eyes...<3
In Sitia she meets her family for the first time in 14 years. Everything is unfamiliar and she don't remember anything from her childhood. Her brother Leif meets her in hatred. He won't believe that she is his sister. For 14 years ago he had witness her kidnapping, done nothing and then later tried to find her in the jungle.
Her mother and father is happy because she's finally back home. But then again she can't stay as long as she would like to. She has to learn about her magic in the Keep. The Keep is the school where every magician in Sitia must go to before they begin working as whatever they want to work as.

Problems comes up when she meets Cahil. Who claims to be The King of Ixia. They want inside information from Yelena. They think she is a spy from Ixia. There is also another problem, There is a magician that has already killed eleven girls. One of the victims escaped. Now Yelena wants to help that victim by finding this powerful, magician and set an end to the fear of more girls being kidnapped.

The cover is great. It looks a lot like the first cover, Poison Study, but the difference is the colors. I like it! :)
Rate: 9/10

After my opinion I liked the plot, there was of course this thing missing... you know, Valek <3.
No but I think magic study was nice, not as nice as Poison Study though but it had some great moments and some moments were I actually could put the book down. I think there was many good 'scenes' in this book and just a few places were I think it got boring. just some few... not 5 not 4 but maybe 2-3.
Rate: 7/10

There was many new charaters in this book. Her family, the student at The Keep and the Master Magicians. Although some characters were better than others. I liked Leif, her brother. He was pretty angry at her in the start but at the end and a little bit before you could feel his care for Yelena. And then we have Ari and Janco from Ixia and the first book Poison Study. They are like an super duo! They are Funny which leaves to me laughing every single time! :D

Favorite Line:
Valek: "I'm beginning to wish that you were an orphan, love. Can you both manage to focus on the task at hand without trying to catch up on fourteen years of sibling rivalry?"

Favorite Scene(s):
My favorite scenes were those with Janco and Ari. They are always so funny! ^^
Plus that one scene with Valek when she meets him for the first time again after moving into the Keep<3

This was a great book! There was new characters and a new 'enviorment'. I think this book could have been a tiny bit more exiting, and when I say tiny, I mean like 2% ;)
It was definitley a nice sequel to Poison Study. Althought I missed those fighting scenes with Ari and Janco a lot! :) But this is worth reading. These series are amazing and so is Maria V. Snyder! <3

Yes. Of course you should read it! I mean it's better then the twilight series and those are world wide bestsellers. I think that Maria's writing style is quite nice. She doesn't have too many descriptions and she doesn't specify how they're talking. but what she does is to make the fighting scenes imagineable! And that is a strenght that not many author have.
Rate: 9/10

What do you think?
Comment bellow ^^

-Hina :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Happy! :D

Hey Guys!

Yes, I am happy again , which means.... Happy, fantasy posting!

To all my readers and those who comment: Pleace check the comments for my answers! I reply to all of your comment even if it isn't a question. ^^

So this is up...
I've finished reading Magic Study so that's the next book I'm going to post a reveiw about! :)
Maria V. Snyder's books are actually the first books I can't put down until I'm finished. She definitley doesn't use a hundred pages to come to the point! BRAVO! ^^

And I had this other idea too! What if I put out some movie reveiws too? Would you be interested in reading those? :) Movies are awesome but not as awesome as books! If Maria V. Snyder's books were done into movies it would have been Raffaello Balzo who would have to play Valek or else I wouldn't like it! It would ruin the Valek I know :( <3  soooo.... Raffaello Balzo or his look-a-like or no movie xD

Perfect VALEK<3

Sometimes I'll even post two blog posts on the same day so be aware :P

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-Hina :D

Monday, October 18, 2010

We all have those days when we say: "Reality Sucks!"

Hey Guys.
Yup, today I had one of those days... =(
School is something that makes me happy! I meet my friends and we kind of survive school together. then reality hits you. The grades you get is kind of the most important thing for education. Then again, ask yourself this question which I ask myself all the time:
"Why do my future have to depend on how good I am in these subjects?"

Yes! This question bothers me a lot! Why do these grades need to mark you?
"Hey look here! She failed math!"
Sometimes I think "Why can't I just drop out of school?"
But then where would my future be? I may think about it many times but I would never consider actually doing it! I got to get over it! I need to study harder and get better grades if I want to offer something to this world! =)

It is important to stay motiveated! So... here I have some truly motivating quotes! They help me through a though time and keeps my head calm.

"Never allow someone criticize you because you feel as you feel, because you think that you're thinking, because you choose to live as you do, because that's how it is best for you, Never allow someone to pick on you because you are the person you are. No one but you knows what is best for you"

"Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift!"Mary Manin Morrissey

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."Hubbard, Elbert

"The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them."
Denis Watley

Hmm.... I feel better already<3

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-Hina :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Hey Guys! :)
As promised yesterday I would try to write my book review today. So, then here it is! ^^
Poison Study

Murder, mayhem and magic...
Locked in a coffin-like darkness, there is nothing to distract me from my memories of killing Reyad. He deserved to die-but according to to the law, so do I. Here in Ixia, the punishment for murder is death. And now I wait for the hangman's noose.

But the same law that condemns me may also save me.
Ixia's food taster--chosen to ensure that the Commander's food is not poisoned--has died.
And by law, the next prisoner who is scheduled to be executed --me--must be offered the position.
So now I must choose: A quick death...or slow poison...

Yelena is offered the position of becoming the Commander's food taster. This position that can lead to a quick or slow painful death. In order to become the Commander's food taster she has to be trained by Valek, the Commander's highly skilled assassin. Valek takes no chances and feeds Yelena with Butterfly Dust. Butterfly Dust is a poison that will kill you within two days. Therefor she will need her antidote which only Valek has. Yelena will die without the antidote which makes her stay inside and not try to escape.

As Valek teaches her everything about poisons and their smells and tastes she is wanted by Reyad's father and his soldiers. Something that leaves Yelena to have to move into Valek's suite. And there is not only Reyad's father and his troops that are after her. So is the magicians.

I love the cover of the book! It gives me a hint of how Yelena looks.
Rate: 9/10

The plot was incredible and I almost cried when I found out that I was near the end of this book. I didn't want it to stop. Although this is only book one in the study series. It was a amazing book which tops any other book I've read till now!
Rate: 10/10

My favorite character in the book is VALEK! <3 Valek somehow made this book more instresting as his actions and feeling came more out when Yelena had to move into his suite. Yelena is also a pretty awesome character. They both felt so alive, which made reading seem like watching a movie. Rate: 10/10

Favorite Line:
Arrrgh! I get so frusterated when I can't find my favorite line right now -.-'
Don't worry though! I'll try to find it! ^^

Favorite Scene(s):
There are too many. Every page and single word is my favorite! <3

This book was AWESOME! ^^
I still can't come over the fact of how good Maria V. Snyder is to write. Everything becomes alive and so do every scene. I love her writing style and some scenes just makes you shiver! I laughed I shivered and... This book is unbelivebally good! It's kind of a straigh to the point book where you jump in to the story right away. There was nothing boring about this book at all. I managed to read it out on one day. Believe me I don't think I've ever done that before!

YES! I would recommend this to all Fantasy readers! You won't be dissapointed. At least I hope! ;) At least I loved it ^^

Rate: 10/10

PS: This is how I picture Valek as ^^ <3
(Raffaello Balzo<3)

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-Hina :D

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update :D - (shame on me!) :(

Hey Guys! :)
Yes, the headline of my blog post today is actually shame on me! Because I didn't blog yesterday and I promised you guys a book reveiw of Poison Study but I haven't had the time to write it yet. =(
And then again I'll probably deliver a much better book reveiw tomorrow than rushing it now. :)

A breif update on this question: "Why didn't you blog yesterday?"
Answer: I was on a birthday party. whom you ask?
a friend :)
Yesterday I was on a birthday party to a friend of mine that 21st October become 16 years old.
At the bitrhday party we saw Sweeney Todd.

I'd seen it before which made it kind of boring. Not a good start on the party... But then we played Buzz.
The game woke the challenger in us up xD
Pizza and everything else was in place :D so were the candy and coke :)
Yesterday I was exhausted! (-_-)
I could barely remove my make-up and staying awake.
Me and Anna (she's btw one of my followers or stalker<3)
This is a picture from yesterday ^^

PS: I hope that my rich book reveiw will be out tomorrow ^^

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music - My favorite bands and how they inspire me!

Hey Guys!
First of all:
To: 90% Anna and Jessica and 10% the other people stopping by my blog or leave a comment! Thank you for following my blog and for commenting!<3 And remember to look at the comments I reply! since we don't have fancy things reminding us on that I have repleid your answers or comment =)

Music is the main inspiration source for me! There is never one single day where I don't listen to music. The music helps everytime I have some kind of a thought time writing more in my book. It helps major when I don't know what I should write next and also to help myself relax. I listen to rock and not that kind where I can't even understand a word of what they're saying! No, because I love that kind of music that have a lyric I can understand and write from. :)
Here are some of the bands I LOVE! <3
 Breaking Benjamin <3 The first rockband that gave me the first chapters of my book <3
Favorite Songs: Diary of Jane, Breath, Dance with the Devil, Evil Angel,
Rain (this song is actually quite calm and does not contain in the "rock" genre)
etc. :)

 Linkin Park! :D The first song I really liked about them was : What I've Done <3
Favorite songs: Burning in the skies, The Requiem.

Yes! I like Selena Gomez :) but only a few of her songs.
Favorite: A Year Without Rain & Ghost of You

HURTS :D They only have some few songs and the band is known someplaces better than others
They're from Manchester in England :D I practically melt every time I hear his voice.
Favorite songs: Better Than Love & Wonderful Life & Illuminated

10 Years :) They're songs are different and so are the lenght of them.
My favorite song by 10 Years: The Autumn Effect.
 It lasts for 9 minutes and 33 seconds and it is awesome!
It's not hard rock or I wouldn't even say that it's rock x)
It has a part when it seems like the song is over but it isn't. I got goosebumps when it continued!
Please listen to it on youtube! <3
Close your eyes to get a maximum effect at the end, When the song seems to end but doesn't :)

Story of The Year :) Actually I think there's just one song I love from them and that song is:
Until the Day I Die.
This is more rock then any of the other bands above.

AND I alomst forgot (shame on me!):
NICKELBACK! Love their songs and they pretty much decided the end in my book series <3
(Yes I know, I haven't even finished book number one yet and I'm thinking of the third! haha xD)
Favorite Songs: If Everyone Cared, Savin' Me, My Sacrefice, Far Away,
Gotta Be Somebody, Burn It To The Ground and Hero!

Each and everyone of these bands give me inspiration and motivasion. Their songs can help you when you're down and you may relate to them. As for me they inspire me!

Listen to some of their songs, it may be the one I listed up under their pictures :)
Do you like any of these bands?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween - Becoming Paranoid and Candy!

Hey Guys!
As you have noticed I made a header for this month and as we all know 31st october is HALLOWEEN! :D
That means of course scary movies and a lot of candy! Yeeey!
Halloween is the time for the ghosts, werewolf and vampires to come out and go from door to door saying.... "Trick or Treat" ? Haha xD
No, if that had happened I would probably die of a heart attack! x_x

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in SUPERNATURAL!
Something anyone who loves scary series would love!
I do! ^^
Friday The 13th. I've not seen it but it definitley sounds scary!


CANDY! A must in every home at Halloween :D
And something less scary :) A cute pumkin <3

Halloween can be pretty inspiring! I mean the goosebumps and the moment when you suddenly get so scared that your heart beats a hundred times faster or even skip some heart beats. Remember those feelings! If you have them in head next time your writing, (remeber to describe what the character is feeling! for example: My heart skipped a beat as my eyes searched the room.) That way your writing will be more alive and the readers will also become more aware of what's happening! :)

I know I have to write that Posison Study book reveiw soon and I promise that it will be posted (hopefully) on Saturday! =)

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And for those who already are following : Again Thank you! =)