Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thoughts - Something you might never think of...

"If you love someone and care about them, then tell them today because you never know when there won't be a tomorrow."

Have you ever thought of that today could be your last? That you never would see your friends again and that the fight you might just had with your friend was about something silly? That the last word from you was something like "I hate you."?

You never completely know when you're gonna die until the last moment. I don't know why but sometimes the thought hits me and then you're sitting there thinking. Would someone miss me? How would they react if I died? No, I'm not suicidal but the fact is that someday we are going  to die and what will happen afterward?
We should Smile. there are a hundred reasons for us to smile. Life itself is a reason to smile.
I bet you've never thought about how nice you're life is. Everything that you have, your friends and family.

Everytime the thought pops up in my head I immediatly relize how precious life must be. How much I want to live and talk and spend my time making memories that will remain even when I'm gone. Okay, I know. I'm 16.(17 next friday) Tell me that you've NEVER thought of that before. At least now you do, right?
Make your life valuable. I have 2 amazing best friends and for me that's almost everything I need! Now don't start thinking that I go around everyday thinking that I might die today. Because I don't. It's just a strange idea, a thought that just pops up sometimes. Just randomly. 



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Hina :D


  1. Very true Hina. Living every day to the fullest and appreciating everything we have, that's always a good mantra.
    Nice post.

  2. Thank you Leigh. I really appreciate your comment :)