Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Opportunities...or?

Hey Guys!

I know, It's been a looooooooong time since I've been blogging and I sort of haven't been writing in my projects either. I was ill and now I'm back, I don't know how much I'll blog or how long the blog posts will be but I'll sure try my best! :)

FACEBOOK eats you up alive, sometimes you can sit there for hours and still don't do anything. You end up liking stuff and like people's pictures, their statuses, their likes and so it goes on and on.
I had, like most people do have, Christmas holidays but guess what! I still couldn't manage to write.
Writer's block?
I just can't write if I sit down and decide to write. Familiar situation?
My  myself have had some ups and downs. The feelings have been jumping and there just haven't been any thoughts around The Taste of Death or Unbreakable. Luckily I managed to finish writitng Gone, which was a short story for two of my best friends. It turned out pretty well, so well that I've decided to write a Gone Part 2.

Have you ever been in a situation when you don't know if you comepletely believe in yourself? I've been there and right now I'm standing with one leg on each of the sides. That's when you really need your best friend! Thank god for have sent me Ania! Today I really thought about where I would be standing if she wasn't in my life and the truth is that The Taste of Death had been buried or deleted. The lack of support is digging it's way in to my brain. It feels like it's eating up my creativity... Sad, I know.

Positive thing: I'm still ADDICTED to reading.
I believe that if I read enough and constantly I'll eventually get rid of this I-can't-write desise. And then Ania and some of the other few friends that knows about me writing stop waiting for me to write and for them to read more. I have to admit, it's pretty awesome to watch them read the latest pages I give them. To put it this way: THEY ARE THE REASON FOR MY WRITING!

What do you think?
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