Saturday, February 5, 2011

Music - What is it? (+ 4 "new" songs)

Hey Guys!

So, today is time for another music blog post where I again have discovered new songs or bands which aren't as new as they might seem to you. Good songs are never too old! :)

First up: Jessie J
I really like this song and I think it's because it's a song about how important it is to be yourself, no matter what you are who you are. Be original be yourself!

WHO YOU ARE - Jessie J

PRICE TAG - Jessie J

Next up: Pendulum
I just heard them for a few minutes ago and it is something with songs and bands that you just need a minute to listen to and you know that you're going to like them!



What is music for you?
Often I hear people say: "What are you listening to? Ah, turn it off!"
Please, like you don't already know that everyone don't have the same taste in music.
Music is something we listen to almost all the time. When we're happy, when we're sad or when we know a song that we can relate to.
Music is inspiration.
I listen to different kind of music all the time. It depends on how I feel.
I can't say that I'm "true" to one genre.
Music is music! If you don't like it then don't listen to it. No one force you!

Any thoughts?
Leave a comment bellow! :)
-Hina :D

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