Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally a break from Reality! =)

Hey Guys! :)

I'm so sorry I haven't had the time to blog in a while and with good reason. My reality has been and is still stressing! School and friends are more annoying than ever. Problems, Problems, Problems!
But yet again I'm finally done! There is no school tomorrow which means.....

Two things that makes me happy:
I will only focus on writing more in The Taste of Death and reading Bitten by Kelley Armstrong! :D
Jeez, and I thought my book was complicated! Well certainly nothing can be more complicated than real life.

Bitten is.... AWESOME! I've only read half of it but it certainly is amazing. Of course a book reveiw will be put up to give you some clues of how good it is and such. :)

Have you read it? What do you think about it?
Comment bellow :)

Hina :D

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