Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey Guys.

As I've seen, apperantly non of my followers are alive... what a shame.

Today I thought I could write about
First of all, what a wonderful website! Two years ago I didn't even know about it. I was just beginning on the dream to become an author. I wanted praise and crituqe by the readers. I wanted help with what I could do better and how to do it. Then came across. I asked to be a member and were allowed. Still I missed the teens. Those teens who the book is written for. Suddenly one day I got a message from one of he memebers in Authonomy, which by the way is like inkpop. He told me that my book was great and why I was sitting on authonomy and not on inkpop.

I was surprised when he said inkpop. What the hell is inkpop? I thought as I asked him in a more polite tone. Then he told me that it was like Authonomy only for teens and a place for teens to get their work out there and connect with others like themself. Facinated I checked it out. The first thing that hit me was the colors. they were absoultly eye catching. So I signed in, I took a look around and got a few friends.

Now what?
I've made some friends, checked out others work and commented. What else to do?
To publish a part of your own book smartass!
The truth.... I haven't done it yet. I'm always talking about that: "Oh soon I'm gonna put my book on inkpop." Do I do it?
No, I don't. I'm simply afraid of getting bad critique. Of course I do handle it. And I WILL put it on inkpop. First I'm going to edit it! Really well! A hundred times before I even will think of sharing it to the english speaking people out there in this major world!

INKPOP is a place you as a writer will enjoy!
People are supportive and give you good feedback.
They help you with something you might miss or could do better.

Future writer? VISIT INKPOP!
Read others work or write your own. =)

-Hina :D


  1. I love inkpop! Thanks so much for following my blog!

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  3. I am a new follower(:
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  4. Paige W: Your welcome ^^ You should probably try to update the site thingy xD When you're at my blog then press F5, it always works for me ;)

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