Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music - New Bands :D

Hey Guys!

Aaaaah! IT'S SNOWING!!!! BRRRR.....
What to do, what to do..... MUSIC!

(Random picture from google.)

As you can see I've been searching for new bands and new music that is similar to my favorite bands, Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback. I'll post one song of each on my blog posts. :)

So lately I've posted many music blog posts and I think that's because I'm in the mood :)
And as I've mentioned earlier, Music is my main inspiration source! Without music there wouldn't have been any book projects for me. I'll be posting different kind of music, not only one genre but many others too.

Adelitas Way
I just discovered them and I already love them! Their music is kind of like Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback. Absoultely worth a try. :)
Hate Love

Closer to you

What can I say? hahaha, I obviously like this band too.


Burn Season
All the new bands are kind of similar. Some song are 'slower' than others. Give them all a try, who knows maybe you'll like them :)

Save me

Did you like them? or just, maybe a little..?
Just go to Youtube and try other song by the bands :)

Comment or Check in those tiny boxes bellow :)

-Hina :D

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