Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey Guys! :)

So as you might have guessed I've been pretty busy lately. Sorry for not have blogged!

I've finished Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and I got to say that I LOVE IT! It's a book you shouldn't miss in your wish list or reading list. It was absolutely amazing! As promised a book reveiw will be posted as soooon as I have enough time to breathe and write! Hahaha.

Yup, I know what you might be thinking. Why choose one?
That's pretty easy to think sometimes but for me, if I have to choose one thing I would have chosen books! I don't know when but one day I fell for books. I fell in love with books. They helped me with learning english and to show me a differerent way of reading. The books I'd read showed me a completely different side. They took me along to a world where everything got exited. Where werewolfs, demons, vampires, and witches existed. I could go for days after reading a book, wondering of how wonderful it was in it. How you almost became friends with the characters inside it. Knowing what they thought and how they felt.

It's my background on my computer =D
I made it with Picasa 3.

What do you choose, PC or Books? And why?
Comment bellow :)

-Hina :D

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