Saturday, October 9, 2010


So it would be absolutley weird not to inform you guys of what this blog has been made for so I will tell you shortly about the things that I've made this blog for :)
First of all the title of the blog is Fantasy VS Reality.
Why? Because sometimes it is easier to just hide in the world of fantasy than to face the reality.
Which one to choose? both, you can't live your life in fantasy dreaming about prince charming coming to save you from life filled with problems. Sometimes growing up means giving away your childhood, your imagination and your dreams of becoming something big, but you decide yourself. Life without imagination is not called life. not for me!
In this blog I won't be writing too much personal but I'll put my thoughts into the diffrent posts.
I'll write about the books I've read, The book I'm writing and different types of music and inspiration.
I won't be able to post daily but when I first get the time to post I'll make it a kind of long post.

Hope you will read it or follow it  =D
- Hina

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