Monday, October 11, 2010

My Inspirations

Hey Guys!
Everyone who is writing a book, short story or anything at all knows that unless you don't get inspired, the book won't move further. I've experienced it a lot! For example a song. When I listen to it, ideas will float in to my head like rain on the grass. Ahaha, bad example with the Rain and Grass thing but hopefully you get it. Back to the point. You will get the ideas, write them in your book and then... then what?
Yes, the songs inspiration is used and you need to find yourself another inspiration source.
Tricky but it works to listen to one song at the time and then write all the ideas that comes into your head down at a paper or on your computer and then later you can have those till the next time you're going to write.

This can be me sometimes:
My Inspirations comes as different things happens in my life.
If I discover a new song and the text makes pictures in my head I always write them down.

Some of the things I get inspired by are:
  • Songs
  • Quotes
  • Movies
  • Persons in my life (mostly evil people gets a role in my book like, themself, only they got a different name)
  • Myself, my conversations with myself, the voices in my head, the characters in my book talks to me! =)

Something you agree with? Do you have any special inspiration sources?
Tell me! comment below and follow my blog =D



  1. Hi Hini
    Nice blog. It's very encouraging.
    All the best.

  2. That should of course be Hina not Hini... Lesson number one to the masses: Edit, edit, edit. Read twice post once! LOL

  3. Hahaha! Yup, there is always one spelling mistake somewhere xD

    Thanx for following my blog!


  4. i love those pictures <3 and the one with computer is funny xD like i saw myself xD

  5. I know! ^^
    I think every writer can see themself in there. xD

    Glad you liked it ;) <3


  6. That's a really funny comic! Did you write any others?