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Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

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So here it is, the second book reveiw for the second book in Maria V. Snyder's Study series.

Magic Study

A lesson in loyalty -- a master class in intrigue.

So far, I've managed to survive. You would think after being kidnapped as a child,
imprisoned in my teens and released to become a poison taster, I would have endured enough.
But no. The discovery of my magical abilities--powers forbidden in Ixia--has resulted in an
execution order. My only chance is to flee to Sitia, my long-lost birthplace.

But Sitia is unfamiliar. I'm treated like an enemy-- even by my own brother.
Plus I can't control my powers. I want to learn about my magic, but there isn't time.
A rogue magician has emerged and I'm targeted as his next victim.
(He has already killed eleven girls. One of the victims escaped, and my attempts to help her have alarmed the master magicians; they think I am a 'soulfinder' and now people don't trust me. Valek is in danger if he comes, and the Ixian delegation is arriving.
But I hoping my untested magical abilities will help me survive. No matter how bad things get, I just can’t give up, and there is always, always hope that tomorrow will be better)

Will my magic abilities save me... or be my downfall? 

Yelena has now told the commander of Ixia about her magic abilities. By the Ixian law, all magician in Ixia should be executed. Yelena is allowed to leave with Master Magician Irys Jewelrose. Her relationship with Valek has changed and she's no longer a student of his or a prisoner in his eyes...<3
In Sitia she meets her family for the first time in 14 years. Everything is unfamiliar and she don't remember anything from her childhood. Her brother Leif meets her in hatred. He won't believe that she is his sister. For 14 years ago he had witness her kidnapping, done nothing and then later tried to find her in the jungle.
Her mother and father is happy because she's finally back home. But then again she can't stay as long as she would like to. She has to learn about her magic in the Keep. The Keep is the school where every magician in Sitia must go to before they begin working as whatever they want to work as.

Problems comes up when she meets Cahil. Who claims to be The King of Ixia. They want inside information from Yelena. They think she is a spy from Ixia. There is also another problem, There is a magician that has already killed eleven girls. One of the victims escaped. Now Yelena wants to help that victim by finding this powerful, magician and set an end to the fear of more girls being kidnapped.

The cover is great. It looks a lot like the first cover, Poison Study, but the difference is the colors. I like it! :)
Rate: 9/10

After my opinion I liked the plot, there was of course this thing missing... you know, Valek <3.
No but I think magic study was nice, not as nice as Poison Study though but it had some great moments and some moments were I actually could put the book down. I think there was many good 'scenes' in this book and just a few places were I think it got boring. just some few... not 5 not 4 but maybe 2-3.
Rate: 7/10

There was many new charaters in this book. Her family, the student at The Keep and the Master Magicians. Although some characters were better than others. I liked Leif, her brother. He was pretty angry at her in the start but at the end and a little bit before you could feel his care for Yelena. And then we have Ari and Janco from Ixia and the first book Poison Study. They are like an super duo! They are Funny which leaves to me laughing every single time! :D

Favorite Line:
Valek: "I'm beginning to wish that you were an orphan, love. Can you both manage to focus on the task at hand without trying to catch up on fourteen years of sibling rivalry?"

Favorite Scene(s):
My favorite scenes were those with Janco and Ari. They are always so funny! ^^
Plus that one scene with Valek when she meets him for the first time again after moving into the Keep<3

This was a great book! There was new characters and a new 'enviorment'. I think this book could have been a tiny bit more exiting, and when I say tiny, I mean like 2% ;)
It was definitley a nice sequel to Poison Study. Althought I missed those fighting scenes with Ari and Janco a lot! :) But this is worth reading. These series are amazing and so is Maria V. Snyder! <3

Yes. Of course you should read it! I mean it's better then the twilight series and those are world wide bestsellers. I think that Maria's writing style is quite nice. She doesn't have too many descriptions and she doesn't specify how they're talking. but what she does is to make the fighting scenes imagineable! And that is a strenght that not many author have.
Rate: 9/10

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