Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween - Becoming Paranoid and Candy!

Hey Guys!
As you have noticed I made a header for this month and as we all know 31st october is HALLOWEEN! :D
That means of course scary movies and a lot of candy! Yeeey!
Halloween is the time for the ghosts, werewolf and vampires to come out and go from door to door saying.... "Trick or Treat" ? Haha xD
No, if that had happened I would probably die of a heart attack! x_x

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in SUPERNATURAL!
Something anyone who loves scary series would love!
I do! ^^
Friday The 13th. I've not seen it but it definitley sounds scary!


CANDY! A must in every home at Halloween :D
And something less scary :) A cute pumkin <3

Halloween can be pretty inspiring! I mean the goosebumps and the moment when you suddenly get so scared that your heart beats a hundred times faster or even skip some heart beats. Remember those feelings! If you have them in head next time your writing, (remeber to describe what the character is feeling! for example: My heart skipped a beat as my eyes searched the room.) That way your writing will be more alive and the readers will also become more aware of what's happening! :)

I know I have to write that Posison Study book reveiw soon and I promise that it will be posted (hopefully) on Saturday! =)

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  1. I love Halloween :D its so magical day, don't you think ? ^^
    Underground and Friday 13th are really scary! but i love them anyway :P

  2. btw I will check your blog every day from now on ;)<3

  3. Halloween you are coming to my house and we are watching something spooky and scary ^^<3

  4. Jessica: Thanx! :D I appreciate it<3 I think autumn and Halloween is both like something magical, like one way or another :) Glad you like my blog :D

    Anna: Of course I'm coming to your house :D <3