Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Taste of Death :D

Hey guys! :)
Today I thought that I've written about a lot! My Inspirations, Music, Movies, Valek<3, Halloween, Autumn, Book reveiws, one Movie reveiw, and a Welcome post ... What is missing?
Then the famous idea lamp glowed up. You should tell them about your book! Hmm....  Should I?

Cover :)

I have written this book since Summer 2009. That year I remember how angry I was! I'd found out that I wasn't going to Pakistan on my summer holiday. And my teacher refused to give me a B in English.... I'm living in Norway so English is my 2nd / 3rd language. That's when I decided to prove him wrong! And I did ^^ without telling anyone about my book. It's still a well kept secret as long as those in my town don't know about it. :P

People in Norway is actually annoying me... Yup, how is that possible?
Well first of all almost and notice the word almost no one like English... and they think of writing as having no life, same with reading. Do you get how annoying it can be? When no one can understand why you're writing a book or spending your free time reading? For me that is the best thing that can happen! <3

Back to the book! :)

The Taste of Death

The Taste of Death is in many genres. It's a mix of Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Action, (Horror?)

The main characters are Lauren and Liam. They are two best friends and have been since Lauren moved to Santa Barbara, California in fifth grade.
Her arch enemy, Jenny has everything but yet she want one thing she can't have..., Liam.
Liam is this happy, good looking, funny and awesome guy.
When something happens he fights! not with words but with his fists. He has to protect Lauren for what she doesn't know anything about....., yet.
Lauren is the regular average teenager. She is kind, thoughtful and after her own opinion, boring.
She craves to be more known. She has something inside her growing and before she knows it, her life is turned upside down. Suddenly everyone is after something she has. but the problem is that she doesn't know what.

This is how I can see the characters for me :)
One problem! They don't match exactly!
The pictures below are kind of going to "describe" them
but yet they don't look
exact like those bellow ;)

(Indiana Evans)

(Marie Avgeropoulos)

(Gaspard Ulliel) BTW: Liam is blond ;)

(Kevin Zegers) Maybe ;)

(Alex Pettyfer)<3

I hope you liked the short description ;)

Any questions about the book?
Comment bellow and I'll answer ;)

-Hina :D


  1. Love it, just love it!! :D<3
    omg, haha it just hit me, if they make a movie out of your book, i will so see it!! at least 1000 times, look at all those hotties <3<3 x)

  2. why is it called The taste of death? And why is the main character named Liam?

  3. The book is called The taste of death because the whole story is surrounded by the whole "Heaven & Hell" consept and since this book is only the first I thought "The Taste of Death" would be a awesome title ^^

    One of the main Characters is called Liam because I love that name. The name practically gave me a person and a personality that I thought would be great in the book ;)