Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn - A magical time

Hey Guys.
New day, new post! =)
I love the fact that I actually got followers! Thank you so much to : Seattlelover7, Leigh Fallon and Jessica!

Okay so autumn has finally arrived and at this time of the year I get a boost of inspiration. It may be the colors or simply the fact that the leaves are falling down from the trees above my head, but one thing is for sure: I LOVE AUTUMN! I'm pretty sure I would survive without the falling degree and the cold but still the best thing you can do it to look around you, up on the trees and just... just let anything come into your head. You may have a  new chapter in your book, I mean... who knows?

Actually something funny happened today after school. I saw Lauren walking on the street and the leafs surrounded her as she walked... Oh that's right, you don't know who Lauren is... Well she is the main character in my book. Yeeey! She's alive.
Sometimes I can just get a scene in my head and the first thing I'll do is to repeat it in my head time after time so that I won't forget it. It actually works!

Do you like the autumn or maybe another season?
Tell me =)

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  1. First of all i'm your 3 follower xD i love autumn too;) what is your book about ? and what is the titel ? ^^

  2. Hey :D
    Thanx for following my blog! I'll update the blog and write your name too! ^^

    My book's title is : "The Taste of Death"
    It's hard to explain what my book is about but it is in the genre of : Fantasy, action, Comedy and Romance.

    I'll write about my book soon, so keep reading my blog ^^


  3. I like winter even more<3 its magical when snow falls of the sky :) i love it and i love Christmas :D<3

  4. I know ^^
    When the snow falls down and gets in your hair its like glitter ^^