Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music - My favorite bands and how they inspire me!

Hey Guys!
First of all:
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Music is the main inspiration source for me! There is never one single day where I don't listen to music. The music helps everytime I have some kind of a thought time writing more in my book. It helps major when I don't know what I should write next and also to help myself relax. I listen to rock and not that kind where I can't even understand a word of what they're saying! No, because I love that kind of music that have a lyric I can understand and write from. :)
Here are some of the bands I LOVE! <3
 Breaking Benjamin <3 The first rockband that gave me the first chapters of my book <3
Favorite Songs: Diary of Jane, Breath, Dance with the Devil, Evil Angel,
Rain (this song is actually quite calm and does not contain in the "rock" genre)
etc. :)

 Linkin Park! :D The first song I really liked about them was : What I've Done <3
Favorite songs: Burning in the skies, The Requiem.

Yes! I like Selena Gomez :) but only a few of her songs.
Favorite: A Year Without Rain & Ghost of You

HURTS :D They only have some few songs and the band is known someplaces better than others
They're from Manchester in England :D I practically melt every time I hear his voice.
Favorite songs: Better Than Love & Wonderful Life & Illuminated

10 Years :) They're songs are different and so are the lenght of them.
My favorite song by 10 Years: The Autumn Effect.
 It lasts for 9 minutes and 33 seconds and it is awesome!
It's not hard rock or I wouldn't even say that it's rock x)
It has a part when it seems like the song is over but it isn't. I got goosebumps when it continued!
Please listen to it on youtube! <3
Close your eyes to get a maximum effect at the end, When the song seems to end but doesn't :)

Story of The Year :) Actually I think there's just one song I love from them and that song is:
Until the Day I Die.
This is more rock then any of the other bands above.

AND I alomst forgot (shame on me!):
NICKELBACK! Love their songs and they pretty much decided the end in my book series <3
(Yes I know, I haven't even finished book number one yet and I'm thinking of the third! haha xD)
Favorite Songs: If Everyone Cared, Savin' Me, My Sacrefice, Far Away,
Gotta Be Somebody, Burn It To The Ground and Hero!

Each and everyone of these bands give me inspiration and motivasion. Their songs can help you when you're down and you may relate to them. As for me they inspire me!

Listen to some of their songs, it may be the one I listed up under their pictures :)
Do you like any of these bands?

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  1. I know every band except for Breaking Benjamin? but i will definetly check them out today ;)

  2. Nickelback <3<3 best band ever! :D<3
    and thanks for the dedication, love it <3

  3. Caitlyn Scott: I think you would like definitley like them ;)

    Your welcome <3 :)

  4. Aaaw, specially for me :D i heard every single band :D and i love them all <3 maybe except for 10 years (never heard about xD)
    thank you for dedication <3

  5. Jessica: Your welcome ^^
    Glad you liked the bands :D<3