Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update :D - (shame on me!) :(

Hey Guys! :)
Yes, the headline of my blog post today is actually shame on me! Because I didn't blog yesterday and I promised you guys a book reveiw of Poison Study but I haven't had the time to write it yet. =(
And then again I'll probably deliver a much better book reveiw tomorrow than rushing it now. :)

A breif update on this question: "Why didn't you blog yesterday?"
Answer: I was on a birthday party. whom you ask?
a friend :)
Yesterday I was on a birthday party to a friend of mine that 21st October become 16 years old.
At the bitrhday party we saw Sweeney Todd.

I'd seen it before which made it kind of boring. Not a good start on the party... But then we played Buzz.
The game woke the challenger in us up xD
Pizza and everything else was in place :D so were the candy and coke :)
Yesterday I was exhausted! (-_-)
I could barely remove my make-up and staying awake.
Me and Anna (she's btw one of my followers or stalker<3)
This is a picture from yesterday ^^

PS: I hope that my rich book reveiw will be out tomorrow ^^

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