Sunday, October 24, 2010

Movies - A Massive Inspiration Source! :D

Hey Guys! :)

I bet you see movies at least two days a week. I think the main reasons for why we love watching movies are that we can actually see the characters and how they fight or use whatever they may use as a weapon or a certain ability they have. It somehow get's better when we can see how they fight.
Some Examples:


Although people with imagination can even see the fight reading a book. Yes, those things happens only if the author has described it well! :) It's important to describe the place, the "smells", the facial expressions and of course how they are fighting. Don't forget the dialogue! My favorite type dialogue is where the fighters use sarcasm and teasing. I think those are awesome!

That's were movies can be a awesome guide! If you've seen it, you can describe it better!
When you see a fighting scene and want to tell it to your friend later about it you have to decribe it. The same thing with writing. Have you seen a awesome movie and want a similar fighting scene in your book you need to describe it life-like! ^^

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