Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is Happy! :D

Hey Guys!

Yes, I am happy again , which means.... Happy, fantasy posting!

To all my readers and those who comment: Pleace check the comments for my answers! I reply to all of your comment even if it isn't a question. ^^

So this is up...
I've finished reading Magic Study so that's the next book I'm going to post a reveiw about! :)
Maria V. Snyder's books are actually the first books I can't put down until I'm finished. She definitley doesn't use a hundred pages to come to the point! BRAVO! ^^

And I had this other idea too! What if I put out some movie reveiws too? Would you be interested in reading those? :) Movies are awesome but not as awesome as books! If Maria V. Snyder's books were done into movies it would have been Raffaello Balzo who would have to play Valek or else I wouldn't like it! It would ruin the Valek I know :( <3  soooo.... Raffaello Balzo or his look-a-like or no movie xD

Perfect VALEK<3

Sometimes I'll even post two blog posts on the same day so be aware :P

Comment and Follow :D<3

-Hina :D

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